It's ABOUT time!

More like a spa than a gym, the Studio houses three highly sophisticated machines:

A Body Composition Analysis device that will answer questions like:

Where your muscle mass is distributed through your body and how this impact your mobility
What your body composition is and how it impacts what you can eat to lose weight
What your body water levels are and how they impact your energy

Sound and Motor Vibration devices delivering a reduction in cortisol (your stress hormone) and lactic acid (enzyme which makes you sore) such that you prepare and recover from your workout maximizing its impact.

A Range of Motion (ROM Machine) which delivers a High Intensity Training (HIT) workout to you in 4 minutes focusing on cardio, muscle development or both.

MyoMetrix Method Benefits

The number one benefit will be that you get back your time! Only 8% of the population exercise on a regular basis, while the other 92% suffer from declining health because they have chosen not to do hours of boring, time-consuming exercise. That can now all CHANGE!!

You will get the same results from the La Jolla Wellness MyoMetrix Method (patent pending) process as:

 • 45 minutes of weight training for muscle tone and strength.
 • 60 minutes of aerobic exercise for cardio conditioning.
 • 20 minutes of stretching for limberness and flexibility.

With consistent use and the help of our trainers, you will improve your strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility without the constraints of conventional exercise. Other benefits are:  

• Increase Energy
• Enhance elasticity of your skin
• Help to eliminate diabetes
• Normalize cholesterol
• Strengthens collagen and stimulates muscle fiber

• Anti-aging begins by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility
• Burn fat and build muscle
• Normalize blood pressure
• Increase strength and flexibility