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Lose Fat and Inches While Tightening your Skin

Seeing is Believing!
To show our clients the changes their bodies go through using iLipo, we took some before and after pictures to give visual proof of the changes they feel.

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Advanced Technology – Effective, Non-Invasive and Safer than Surgery

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The MyoMetrix Method™ with the addition of iLipo Xcell by Chromogenex reduces body fat, increases muscle mass and improves hydration leading to a slimmer figure and overall improvement in health without surgery and “yo-yo dieting”.

Your first session includes full consultation including electronic body composition analysis. This determines your current level of body fat, muscle mass and water content and sets personal goals to achieve.

Each session consists of 30 minutes iLipo treatment to target problem  areas, triggering the release of fat cell contents in a form which the body can burn off and use as energy. The lymphatic system releases the fat from the body immediately afterwards as long as you exercise.  The next step in the process is a one-on-one personal training session which is a patented 30-minute workout process called the MyoMetrix Method™ using state-of-the-art equipment.  This will burn off the released fat immediately.

With normal exercise the body will use its store of carbohydrates and sugar as its first source of energy and it can take a lot of time and effort before it begins to burn fat as a source of energy. Using iLipo and the MyoMetrix Method™ you go straight into fat burning mode and results are seen immediately. Typically a reduction of 1-3cm is achieved after each session. After a course of 8 sessions you can achieve dramatic results.


FDA Information

i-Lipo Won ” Best Slimming treatment” at “Les Victoire De La Beaute” France.

The award winning i-Lipo laser from Chromogenex offers a safe and effective means to achieve immediate and measurable inch loss. i-Lipo uses low level laser technology (LLLT) to stimulate the body’s natural process for releasing its stored energy from adipose tissue, shrinking those fat cells and delivering the body shaping results you demand.

The human body stores excess calories from your diet in adipose tissue. When needed, those fat cells will break down their stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water, providing the body with energy during times of scarcity. That same metabolic process that is induced hormonally by the brain can also be triggered by low level laser energy delivered by i-Lipo.

i-Lipo is a revolutionary, non-invasive body shaping and cellulite reduction technology offering convenient, safe and pain free body contouring in as little as 30 minutes, without surgery and without downtime. This non-destructive approach to fat reduction can be used year-round on all skin types. i-Lipo treatments are passive and non-technique dependent, which means a constant manipulation of the device is not required. After the i-Lipo treatment pads are properly positioned, the technician is free to attend other office matters.

Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of the LLLT and the i-Lipo diode laser to deliver body shaping results. Two treatments per week for four weeks are recommended. All parts of the body can be treated where fat is stored, including the waistline, thighs, arms, leg and even under the chin. Participants typically report a 10% inch loss reduction following a treatment regimen.

i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction. Based on results from a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study of 34 volunteers, the FDA found that over 70% of participants experienced significant inch loss, thus validating the use of i-Lipo to target specifically chosen anatomical areas for fat reduction. The results represented more than double the percentage difference for meeting significant results as defined by the FDA.