Here’s what our clients are saying …

  • I Love My Body Again!

    When you are thinking Spring why not think~” I want to renew myself and love my body again!”

    What if I told you there was a new way to firm up, get healthy, feel better than you have in years AND was as easy as standing in place?  You’d think this was just another too good to be true sales pitch, right!

    Well I am living proof of how the La Jolla Wellness Studio changed my life.

    My doctors are very satisfied at the improvement in my overall health.  After coming close to facing the prospect of declining health, I made the commitment to take better care of myself. Now, less than two years later, I am the poster-child for how well the techniques and 21st century equipment at La Jolla Wellness Studio really work.

    My body is the vessel that has supported and carried me throughout my lifetime.  I have worked very hard and been challenged by a diagnosis’ that might have left some discouraged.  Even though I have lived through six decades my body belies my age ~ and it is reflected in my face, my energy, my spirit and how the world looks back at me.

    I am clearer, more agile and have a consistent source of energy that lasts all day. More importantly I feel great and I love my body again!

    MarcieMarcie Cecil

    The changes I made were not difficult or time-consuming. As I began to feel better and better I stuck with it, showed up and altered my lifestyle. Now with the Studio’s trainers help, I have discovered an incredible anti-aging program.

    My friends are more amazed than my doctors and some haven’t even recognized me!

    Forget the fad diets, the expensive TV celebrity-endorsed food programs, the time-sapping, sweat-inducing gym visits, and the feeling that time has passed you by and it is too late to turn it back. In just a short period of time you will begin to see and feel the difference.

    Without any inducement I am here to shout from the rafters that my journey to a “renewed” me and my total wellness began and is supported at the La Jolla Wellness Studio. I am enjoying how

    I feel and I love my body again!

    I have the reality of a true “spring in my step” again! Join me and talk to the knowledgeable staff and in just a short time you too will look in the mirror and say “WOW! LOVE IT!

    Thank you La Jolla Wellness Studio,

    Marcie signature

    Marcie Cecil

  • A Powerful, Healthy Way ...

    La Jolla Wellness Studio is great! A powerful, healthy way to work on your physical, mental and spiritual health with state of the art machines and great staff! ~Debbie

  • There are Lots of Long-Term Benefits

    “I love the InBody assessment which measures my progress with the fitness protocol. I’ve decreased body fat and increased body muscle! There are lots of long-term benefits, too, from the sonor vibration therapy. The trainers are great, and the opportunity to try it out (two free visits plus a free assessment) is really nice. Give it a try!”  ~Carolyn

  • What a Phenomenon!

    PHEW! What a phenomenon! If you’re into getting fit in a fast, focused, fun way, look no further. A fantastic team who sincerely care about your needs.  The technology is amazing: a combination of “good vibrations” (think Beach Boys), intense high cardio (for only 4 minutes – really!) and ending with a soothing re-calibration and cleansing on the Beemer Bed. In and out in 30 minutes ~ Fabulous!  Highly recommend!  ~Lydia

  • We all feel like a family!

    Lost 4.5 lbs. of body fat and gained 3 lbs. of muscle mass in 3 months

    We all feel like a family! I can now play tennis 3 days in a row without taking any anti-inflammatory which is huge for me. ~Jan

  • Leaving in 15 minutes is What my Busy Schedule Requires

    Lost 7 lbs. in body fat and gained 3 lbs. of muscle mass in 3 months.
    Being able to come in between my two jobs, not changing into gym clothes and leaving in 15 minutes is what my busy schedule requires.  ~Maureen

  • Trainers do a Great Job Cheering You on

    Lost 4.1 lbs. of body fat and gained 4.1 lbs. of muscle mass in 3 months.
    I find this invigorating and the trainers do a great job cheering you on. I am very relaxed when I leave the Studio and pleased that I came.  ~Tim

  • People Here are Just Flat Out Friendly

    Lost 9 lbs of weight and 6 lbs of body fat in 2 months.
    Working out has always been a time problem for me. It used to take 2 hours. Also the people here are just flat out friendly – You end up engaged.  ~Parker

  • People are Interested in Making me Better

    Lost 5 lbs. in body fat and gained 2 lbs. of muscle mass in 2 months.
    The main thing I noticed was the feeling of the studio. People are honestly interested in making me better.  ~Leigh

  • I Have More Energy

    Lost 25 lbs. in body fat and gained 15 lbs. in muscle mass in 4 months.
    This is like a family. The trainers have driven me to be consistent in working out and I have more energy.  ~Mark

  • I Was Able to Achieve my Desired Weight

    Since I am planning to reduce my work commitment by the end of the year, I decided in September 2013 to try the La Jolla Wellness Studio after I had my body evaluation there and found, to my surprise, that I was 20 lbs. of excess body fat for somebody my age, height and weight.  In three months, I was able to achieve my desired weight, going from 160 lbs. to 145 lbs.  My current goal is to turn the remaining six pounds of excess body fat that I have to lean muscle.  I have, therefore, gone from an aerobic and weight loss program at the La Jolla Wellness Studio into two pounds of muscle without losing any additional weight.

    My wife and I have used the services of the nutrition expert, Janelle Fischer, at the La Jolla Wellness Studio, and we are both impressed with her knowledge, and we are definitely making changes in our eating habits to assist in burning off my last six pounds of excess body fat.  I think I am actually eating more food today than I was six months ago, but I am eating the right type of food, and I am basically eating five times a day instead of three times a day.  ~Dick K.  Partner Sheppard Mullins, LLC.